quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Slips away

"In your surrender, as You laid down your life. You took up a sinner's cross, and your life rescued mine. In this redemption, love and mercy displayed, You lifted my eyes to see, that your truth never fails. Lord of the heavens, king of all days, without You my world slips away. Redeemed by your mercy consumed by your grace. Now I live for You. I'm found in the arms of love, for your love it has saved my soul. I'll run to your arms of love, your light's gonna lead me home. Glorious saviour in your light I am free. The things of this world will fade, still You are all that I need. At your cross I lay my burdens, at your feet, where your love covers all I've done. Now I walk with You lord."

"Jesus, without You my world slips away."

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